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The Sound of Salmon Day Tour

Every Saturday from May to September.

Meeting point:
Tourist information (show map)
Meeting time:
7:00 am
11 hours
Group size:
1550,- NOK

  • Transfer by speed boat between Tromsø and Andørja: scenic fjord cruise
  • Homemade breakfast on board
  • Presentation of a sustainable salmon farm
  • Visit to the northernmost exhibition centre on aquaculture
  • Lunch buffet with locally produced salmon
  • Boat trip to the actual farm installation in the fjord
  • Tour guide who accompanies you on the entire trip, as well as local guides at the salmon farm

Tour description:

In this excursion we will visit the home of a global superstar. Born and raised in Norway, he took the world by storm and is celebrated in more than 50 countries on all continents – including yours. Norway's natural fjords connected to the cold and clear Atlantic ocean, supplied with fresh water from glaciers and melted snow provide no less than the best habitat for our superstar to excel. This tour is dedicated to nothing less than the Norwegian Atlantic Salmon!

The early bird catches the fish*
In the early hours of the morning, when the city is slowly coming to life again, we gather in front of the tourist information office, in order to catch the speed boat that will bring us to Andørja, an idyllic small island in the southern part of Troms county. During the 2,5h boat trip across some of the most beautiful fjords of Northern Norway, you will have an opportunity to rest in comfortable seats and enjoy the wild and beautiful landscape, as well as a homemade breakfast. Don't worry if you fall asleep; we will go back the same way in the afternoon, so you get a second chance to see the deep blue fjords.

Just after breakfast, we arrive at the small fishery port Engenes on Andørja, northern Europe's most mountain-rich island. Andørja is home to Kleiva fiskefarm, one of the most modern and sustainable salmon farms in the world, and Northern-Norway's only exhibition centre on aquaculture, opened in April 2013. At the centre, we will be met by a local guide, who will tell us all about how Norway became the world's leading exporter of Atlantic salmon. The informative and entertaining multidimensional presentation will will give us a unique opportunity to follow the Arctic salmon from roe to harvest, learning how healthy fish growth and food safety is ensured at every step. We will even get to hear the sound of salmon.

After the introduction, we will have lunch at the local hotel. There we will be served a warm buffet, including locally produced salmon from one of the most modern and sustainable salmon farms in the world.

After lunch, we will go to see where the salmon comes from. In groups of 10 we will travel by RiB to a modern automatic feeding raft, moored in the pristine Astafjord. After a guided tour at the station, we will continue our RiB-excursion to the actual net-pens where the salmon live in the cold and clear waters of Arctic Norway. Those brave enough will get a chance to walk on the rim of the pens, to see the fishes jump up close.

* - We are not actually going to catch any fish.

This tour is bookable by individual travelers. The maximum group size is 20 persons.