Aurora Flight

Every Northern Lights Chase is a game of chance. Why not put the odds in your favour? Tuesday and Friday from November 14th 2017 to March 16th 2018.
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Meeting point:
Tromsø Airport
Meeting time:
21:30 (09:30pm)
ca. 2 hours
Group size:
2900,- NOK (aisle)
3500,- NOK (window)

- Aurora flight
- 1 glass of champagne / beverage of your choice
- Pictures
- All taxes and fees

Tour description:
Join us for a Northern Lights safari out of the ordinary! No freezing, no long drives and best of all: No clouds! From January to March 2017 you can join us on an exclusive Northern Lights experience. While others drive hours along seemingly endless dark roads, only to wait shivering and full of hope that the clouds might part and reveal a tiny bit of sky, you can be comfortably seated in a warm cabin, sipping champagne while nature's most spectacular light show unfolds right in front of you.

We depart from the airport of Tromsø in a small plane, which is operated and maintained by one of Norway's major airlines. Leaving any clouds below us, you are up for a stunning view of the starry night sky, having the best chances to watch Lady Aurora's nightly dance. To pass the waiting time, a glass of champagne or another beverage of your choice will be served (alcohol-free alternatives available).

Once we reach our cruising altitude, cabin lights and other aircraft lights will be dimmed as much as regulations allow, to provide a clear view on the night sky and the Milky Way from the dark cabin of the aircraft, bringing you as close as possible to the notoriously elusive Aurora.

Due to the Northern Lights being a natural phenomenon beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that you will see them during this tour. Being less dependent on weather conditions, as well as far away from any obstructing artificial light sources, you have however the best chances with us.

As an additional benefit, this tour departs later than other Northern Light excursions, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a proper dinner at one of the many excellent restaurants in our city.