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Tromsø Budget Tours was founded during the final months of 2015 by Bernhard Siebert. Bernhard has been working in the tourism industry of Tromsø since 2009, and knows the city like few others. The first products that were launched in early 2016, were a Historical City Walk, and Tromsø’s first Beer Safari. Both walking tours are centered around different aspects of history of and life in Tromsø, respectively the city as the Gateway to the Arctic, and Tromsø as home town of the world’s northernmost brewery and four micro breweries.

Through the course of 2016 further tours were released, a day tour to a sustainable salmon farm, and Scandinavia’s first Northern Lights flight. Parallel to our regular tours, we started organising tours for private groups and tour operators, while building up a solid 5 star rating on TripAdvisor. In autumn 2016 we were also awarded the Luxury Travel Guide’s 2017 award in the category «best bespoke tour operator» - quite a feat for a new budget company.

After a successful first year, the company was transformed into a stock company under the umbrella of Vinterlys Holding AS. We will continue to operate our brand Tromsø Budget Tours just like before, and during the course of 2017 we will also release a selection of premium products directed primarily towards the Asian market under the name Green Dragon Luxury Travels.

We have the ambition to offer only unique products. All our tours are unique in Tromsø, and based on the three core principles that have been guiding our company since the beginning:

Sustainability: In our tours, we attempt to reduce the need for motorised transport. We strive to support other small local businesses, in order to contribute to maintaining a healthy community people like to visit. Additionally we also visit sights off the beaten path, that are often forgotten by larger tour operators.

Affordability: By keeping our expenses and margins low, we strive to offer the most affordable prices on the market. It is no secret that Norway is one of the most expensive places in the world to visit. We want to give more people the opportunity to visit our wonderful country without regretting their holiday once the credit card bill arrives.

Quality: Our guides and our suppliers are both carefully selected. By relying only on qualified resident tour guides, who live and work in Tromsø all year, we are able to give our guests an actual insight into the life here in the far north. Our suppliers are passionate local businesses, who help us to ensure that all our guests receive a unique and unforgettable experience.
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